This experience was everything I needed and more! I received the Savannah Moonlight massage. Ricky showed amazing care to my body. He was attentive and responsive when I needed more or less pressure. The create a wonderful atmosphere as well. I was soothed by African drums, good smells, and the calming sounds of flowing water. Thank you Zamariya!!

Gaybrielle Sias

My wife and I have been seen by dozens of Massage Therapists over the last 10 years. One visit with Anita was enough to never look for a different Therapist. She is absolutely the most knowledgeable and skilled Massage Therapist that we’ve been to. She is magic when it comes to helping people who suffer from chronic pain or mechanical issues. Anita can figure out the origin of the pain and she has the ability to alleviate the pain through numerous techniques. The quality of life that Anita has been able to give back to my wife and I has made us loyal customers for life. Six Stars!

Joe Guerreiro

Anita is more than a massage therapist, she is a life changer! The level of commitment to constantly educate herself on healing the body is like nothing I've ever seen. Her skill set has not be matched by dozens of other therapists I've worked with over the years for my complex neuromuscular issues. When I found Anita my search for the right therapist was over.

Sarah Pereira

Incredible work by Anita. With her medical background, she knew exactly what was needed to do to help me. Very professional and relaxing environment. I highly recommend booking with Anita.

J Will

I just recently visited Zamariya Spa, and I experienced The Journey. This massage lasted 2.5 hrs and the entire time I felt as if I was floating. Anitas skilled hands worked all of the knots and stress from my body and I left the appointment feeling extremely relaxed. I will absolutely do this service again in the future and I cant wait til my next appointment!

Morganne Williams

That was the best massage I've had in almost 3 years! She knew exactly what she was doing, very professional, informational and attentive. I didn't have to tell her much but she found all my problem areas. I will definitely return and I recommend her to anyone!!

Jessica Fro


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