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Massage Therapy Services




New Therapies

Covid-19 First Responder

$ 55

Swedish massage for all first responders: nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMT. One hour of relaxation for your willingness to be on the frontlines. MUST HAVE PROOF OF WORK IN FIELD.

1 hours

African Dreams

$ 85

Constant headaches slowing you down and you want a natural way to relieve them come to our peaceful setting while we help you reduce or eliminate your pain by choosing, “African Dreams”. (Headache)

60 mins

Savannah Moonlight

$ 125

Sometimes we just need to get away and relax from everyday life stress. If you are in need of total relaxation choose “Savannah Moonlight”, it will wish you away to dream land. (Swedish)

90 mins

African Safari

$ 150

Chronic pain can limit the joy in our life, if you’re living day to day with reoccurring pain. You don’t need to, neuromuscular therapy (medical massage) will help relieve most if not all your pain. Choose “African Safari” today for your solution. (NMT)

90 mins

Sacred Temple

$ 150

Motherhood, one of life’s greatest gifts and truly magical experience. The miracle of creation, we embrace the beautiful changes every step of the way. Choose, “Sacred Temple”, we work to relieve any body aches mommy maybe having. (Prenatal)

90 mins

Maasai Warrior

$ 165

Athletes have unique muscular needs to keep their bodies in top form. When a part of your finely tune machine isn’t moving effectively, choose “Maasai Warrior” to target those areas relieving pain and increasing flexibility and functionality. (Sports Massage)

90 mins

The Journey

$ 295

The ultimate in Self- Love routines. Come release the world, find peace and align yourself with what hold true for you. “The Journey” is an experience in removal of the old and nourishing the new, with Infused African rich oils and butters warmed with granite after a full body exfoliating . Rhythmic sounds of the drum will transcend all that keeps you bound. The Journey is Zamariya signature treatment results getting you to your destination-Ultimate Relaxation

2.5-3 hours


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