Savannah Moonlight


30 January 2017

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Savannah Moonlight

Sometimes we just need to get away and relax from everyday life stress. If you are in need of total relaxation choose “Savannah Moonlight”, it will wish you away to dream land. (Swedish)

Renewed energy by rhythms of Africa drums.

60 mins $85

90 mins $125

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    The Journey

    Savannah Moonlight

    African Safari

    African Dreams


    New Therapies

    Savannah Moonlight

    $ 125

    Traditional massage with a 4-D experience that works to slowly and gently release tension in the body.

    90 mins

    African Safari

    $ 150

    Neuromuscular Therapy also known as Medical Massage works well with physical therapy, pre or post operation or post acute injury.

    90 mins

    The Journey

    $ 295

    The Journey begins with a gentle exfoliating brushing to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow.

    2.5-3 hours